Coaches, Mario Flores of MI-Rev Training Center and Mike Krause of Nxt LVL wrestling have teamed up to create an incredible new way to do summer training. Battle the Bus will revolutionize what a summer of training will look like. For the 1st time ever, we will travel with a bus full of go-getters, training with the power of social media. Join us as we take 50 dedicated wrestlers from all over the United States trekking our way though 15 states in 21 days, We will train with some of the best clinicians and wrestlers in the country. We will capture our trip through social media outlets using the hashtag #Battlethebus! 

Wrestlers will arrive in Highland, MI on July 23rd, 2017.  We can pick up wrestlers from Detroit Metro or Flint Airports . We will spend the night at Michigan Revolution Training Center, and prepare to embark on this adventure the following day, July 24th. We have kids coming from all across the country, so a seamless coordination of pick up times will be contingent on clear-timely communications. As soon as you know your flight information, please email it to; We will respond with a confirmation email which lets everyone know, your arrival is being scheduled by our team. 

Each day, we will travel to a new destination where a group of high level wrestlers will be waiting for us. We will show up and have a 2.5 hour training session with our new friends. We will be able to experience a wide variety of techniques as well as get live wrestling every time. We will showcase each facility and their teams. We will be continuously documenting their progress on this trip, posting posting daily videos. A media release form will be signed at registration. 

This trip promotes and develops independence and personal responsibility. They will be responsible for their own personal belongings and behavior. Each wrestler will also have to make sure their laundry gets into the proper bins for disease free hygiene practices. 

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